We’ve used Tim for 2 home inspections – one most recent as today, as well Mike was there also today; they were professional, thorough, patient and informative with our questions as eager buyers.They were punctual for the inspection appointment which we REALLY appreciate as time is so valuable these days! We really feel we are getting value for our money on such an important and vital service during a stressful but necessary step in the home buying process. We highly recommend these two professionals , and would absolutely use them again if the need ever arose!

Russ Smith

Our realtor recommended Tim for our first home inspection. With a tight closing date, we were nervous he would not be available. However, he made the appointment early enough that we had time to get estimates for any work required before the closing date! Thorough, professional, and excellent advice for immediate and future maintenance. A pleasure.

Fluffy McFluffers

Tim and Mike did the home inspection on a new house for me. They were punctual, took the time to expand on things I was uncertain of, and did a thorough job.
Being able to see the report on their customer site and the ability to draw my ‘request’ /to do list from the report itself is an excellent feature! 10/10 would recommend to anyone looking for some peace around such a big investment.

Carmen Morrill

Tim and Mike were fantastic! They were personable and knowledgeable and provided a great experience from start to finish. The inspection was quick, but extremely thorough. Clear communication from booking to receiving the final report. Will be recommending Corner 2 Corner Inspections to friends and family in the future!

Alyson H

we had to have the inspection done ASAP due to our moving situation and he provided the time and called all necessary personal needed that we didn’t know we needed on our Rural property we were buying.
They answered all questions and more. their answers and inspection report were straight to the point no hidden anything and answered questions even not their expertise or directed us to the people who could answer the questions they didn’t have answers to.. I HIGHLY recommend Tim and his group of trusted co-workers to anyone who needs an inspection.

Amy Kidd (SHLegend)

Tim and the other inspector were accommodating to the quick appointment request. Both were very courteous during the inspection and provided good maintenance information on the mechanical systems. I like their web-based system for its automations for approvals, payments, and viewing of reports. Excellent service, I highly recommend Corner 2 Corner Inspections.


WHAT A SERVICE THESE TWO Experienced men are doing! We highly recommend them to everybody because there are more than great 👍, there are respectful and very professional. Please do not hesitate to contact them. Corner 2 will visualize and predict the condition of your new home 20 year ahead from the day you buy it . Happy happy and happy 😊 😃 😀 😄 😁

T Mastercleaner

We couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Knowledgeable, thorough and informative. They went above and beyond to show us everything about our home and how to fix it.

I could not put a price on the knowledge and resources that was shared with us.

Reports are thorough and well documented. Very user-friendly and convenient.

Thankyou for helping us with our new home!

Mel Barter

Tim and his team were recommended by our realtor and we were very pleased with his service. We were given clear, concise and timely information that made us feel confident in the purchase of our new home.

Can’t speak highly enough about Corner 2 Corner!

Lane Bertholet

Tim and Mike were able to do a thorough inspection of our prospective new home on short notice. They were punctual, brought coffee and were very friendly and knowledgeable. Tim headed upstairs to check the bedrooms and bathrooms and kitchen on the main floor. Mike went to check on furnace, hot water heater, foundation and electrical panel in garage. The report was clear and not full of frivolous minor items. Tim returned on a Sunday to check the attic and fireplace, and we talked with the tenant about issues (few) that they felt could be improved.
I’ll use Corner to Corner from now on! They even provided some contacts to replace the A/C and electrical panel. All around they were an excellent couple guys to have on our team! Way to go Tim and Mike

Ross Walker