Frequently Asked Questions

I'm buying an acreage, do I need a septic tank and well inspection?

Considering the importance and cost of these systems and you, as a property owner being responsible for them, Yes. It is surprising how many acreage owners do not understand their septic and water supply systems and the maintenance they require. Even with proper maintenance, tree roots find their way into septic tanks, the concrete tanks deteriorate and pumps wear out. Tanks need to be emptied to be properly inspected.

How much does a home Inspection cost?

Home Inspection cost vary depending on several factors with the most prevalent being the square footage of the building. Most reputable inspection companies in Edmonton will start their inspections around $500.00 up to 1500 sqft.

Other factors include the type of building being inspected. Apartment style condominiums with common heating/cooling will be less, acreages with well and septic inspections will be more.

A word of caution, as with most things the cheapest is not always the best. Cheap home inspections are usually accompanied by new, less experienced inspectors.

What do Home Inspectors look at?

Competent Home Inspectors look at all the
systems in a home. Roof System, Exterior Systems, Structural Systems, Plumbing
Systems, Electrical Systems, Heating Systems, Fireplaces and Wood Burning
Appliances, Air Conditioning Systems, Interior Systems, Insulation and Vapour
Barriers, Mechanical and Natural Ventilation Systems.

How long does a Home Inspection last?

The duration of an inspection varies on several factors. Building size, condition, thoroughness of the inspector and condition of building being inspector all play rolls.

Plan on two to four hours.