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Pre-List Home Inspection

Jun 10, 2022 | General Category

Although not as common today as they should be, Pre-List Home Inspections are certainly becoming more popular with savvy realtors and sellers looking for a competitive edge in today’s market.

In many cases, sellers have no idea of pre-existing conditions in their homes until the potential buyer has a home inspection done. Defects uncovered at this time can raise suspicion in buyer’s minds and often result in demands for unrealistic price reductions to cover repairs or they simply walk away.

A thorough pre listing home inspection from Corner 2 Corner Inspections is a powerful tool for setting buyer’s minds at ease. Advantages are numerous and importance grows as the stock of houses on the market, and especially in your neighborhood grows.

Advantages of a Corner 2 Corner Pre-List Inspection over other listed properties:

  1. Signals openness and good faith towards the buyer.
  2. Sellers discover any issues that might delay or derail the sale and can make advance repairs, heading off potential price concessions sought by buyers. Even if the seller elects not to make repairs, disclosing any defects upfront and pointing out the price is adjusted accordingly can deflate buyer’s objections.
  3. Armed with solid knowledge of current property condition and the inspection report to back it up, a seller’s confidence level and leverage in the negotiating process is increased.
  4. Increases buyers comfort level and can tip the scales in the seller’s favor if buyers are looking at similar homes without pre-sale inspections.
  5. Disclosure. A professional, unbiased inspection report puts the seller in a better position to disclose the real property condition at the time of the sale, helping protect the seller should any post-sale legal issues surface from buyers who claim that an adverse condition was not disclosed.
  6. Should the potential buyer still require a home inspection, Corner 2 Corner Inspections Ltd. will revisit the property, re-inspect the home or discuss the report in detail with the potential buyers at a reduced cost to the buyer.


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