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Mold Tips

Jun 10, 2022 | General Category

Mold tips

Mold Tips


Facts about mold, your home, health and how to control it.

Mold is in the air everywhere and has been forever. It is a necessity of life and grows where there is moisture and a food source. A food source for mold is just about anything, paper products, ceiling tiles, wood products, dust, paint, wallpaper, insulation and carpet.  Spores can enter your home in a number of ways but predominantly with the air. Mold will grow rapidly once it has a source of moisture.

Likely areas to find mold in your home are places you have a water leak. Leaky roofs, windows and doors, heating and cooling vents or plumbing fixtures.

Mold in the house
Mold on the Ventilation<br />

Mold affects people in different ways. Some may not be affected all, others are very sensitive to the affects of mold. Symptoms may include nasal stuffiness, coughing, runny eyes, skin irritation or an irritated throat and people with allergies may have more severe reactions. People with immune deficiencies or chronic lung illness may get serious infections in their lungs. Recent studies suggest there is a possible link to the development of asthma in some children and early mold exposure. Typically the very young and elderly are more susceptible.

Skin disease from Molds<br />
Mold Infection<br />

Stachybotrys chartarum, more commonly referred to as “black mold” is the “bad” mold we find in our homes and is associated with wet gypsum material and wall paper. It has been associated to humans and animals since the 1930’s. Although not firmly established in the scientific community, it has been linked to “sick-building syndrome” and is considered a likely candidate for the biblical condition leprosy.

Controlling Mold in your Home

Keeping humidity levels under control is very important. Exhaust fans in kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms should vent to the outside of your home. Fix leaky roofs, windows, doors or plumbing fixtures promptly and thoroughly clean and dry areas after flooding. Home owners should consider not installing carpets in areas with high moisture like bathrooms and basement. Carpets in basements should not be installed directly on concrete

Mold may or may not be visible in your home. Mold can grow behind walls out of site and cause health risks. If you have any unexplained symptoms that don’t seem to go away you should the air in your home tested. If you can see mold in your home, remove it and fix the problem. Mold usually looks like spots, can be different colors and may have a musty smell.


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