Home Inspection Fees Edmonton, Leduc, Sherwood Park, Alberta


Corner 2 Corner Service Fees


Home inspection fees vary depending on the square footage of the property, location and extra services requested such as thermal imaging, water samples, air and mold sampling etc...

Corner 2 Corner Inspections takes pride in being a 100% locally owned and operated Alberta business. Our Home Inspection Costs are industry average for our service area.


Edmonton Home Inspection Fees

Upto 1500 sq.ft. 1501-2000sq.ft 2001-2500sq.ft. 2501-3000sq.ft 3001-3500sq.ft +500sq.ft
$499.00 549.00 599.00 649.00 699.00 +50.00

Travel fees apply to some areas. See our service areas for details. Call for pricing on our other services.

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