Corner 2 Corner Inspections Professional Service


Certified Professional Inspector (CPI) ®


Your Corner 2 Corner Inspector is also professionally experienced and certified for:

  1. Recallchek
  2. Odor Removal – (Ozone Technician)
  3. Mold Inspections
  4. Air Quality Testing
  5. Well Water Testing

Doesn’t it just make sense to hire the Home Inspector who can test for anything you might run into during your Home Inspection?

Answer this question. When is your closing date? If you’re like most, it’s less than a week away. Does that give you enough time to go find someone else certified to take a mold sample, arrange another inspection with the owner and agent? Do you need more time off work to come back again?


Calling Corner 2 Corner Inspections is the right choice, right now!

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